Quick Start

Step 1: Obtain Account Information

From your account administrator, obtain the appropriate account credentials to access the monitoring API.

Specifically, you will need:

  • User name and password

  • Identity domain ID

To access the monitoring API, users must have the custom role Monitoring_ApiAccess. The user and the role must be created in My Services by the identity domain administrator.

If your account administrator has changed the identity domain name, you must still specify the identity domain ID when using the REST API. For example, if the original identity domain name was MyIdentityDomain54321 and it was changed to MyIdentityDomain, you must use MyIdentityDomain54321 in the REST endpoints.

Create the Monitoring_ApiAccess Role for an Oracle Cloud Account with Oracle Identity Cloud Service

To create the custom Monitoring_ApiAccess role for an Cloud Account with Oracle Identity Cloud Service, login to My Services as a Cloud Account administrator and complete the following steps:

Step 1: Create a User Group

  1. Sign in to My Services with your sign-in credentials.

  2. In the dashboard, click Users, and then click Groups.

  3. In the Groups list page, click Add.

  4. In the Name field, enter Monitoring_ApiAccess. In the description field, enter a description for the group.

  5. Click Add.

The user group is created.

Step 2: Add Users to the Monitoring_ApiAccess Group

  1. In the My Services dashboard, click Users.

  2. In the Users list page, select the users you want to add to the Monitoring_ApiAccess group.

  3. From the Action Menu icon menu next to the Add button, click Add to Group.

  4. In the Add to Group dialog box, select Monitoring_ApiAccess.

  5. Click Add.

The selected users are added to the Monitoring_ApiAccess group.

Step 2: Install cURL

cURL is an open source, command-line tool for transferring data with URL syntax, supporting various protocols including HTTP and HTTPs. To connect securely to the server, you must install a version of cURL that supports SSL.

To install cURL on your system:

  1. In your browser, navigate to the cURL home page at http://curl.haxx.se and click Download in the navigation menu.

  2. On the cURL Releases and Downloads page, locate the SSL-enabled version of the cURL software that corresponds to your operating system, click the link to download the ZIP file, and extract the executable to the desired folder.

When running cURL from a Windows command shell only, you must provide an SSL certificate authority (CA) file or bundle to authenticate against the Verisign CS certificate.

  1. Navigate to the cURL CA Certs page at http://curl.haxx.se/docs/caextract.html and download the ca-bundle.crt SSL CA certificate bundle in the folder where you installed cURL.

  2. Open a command window, navigate to the directory where you installed cURL, and set the cURL environment variable,CURL_CA_BUNDLE, to the location of an SSL certificate authority (CA) certificate bundle. For example, on a Windows system you would enter:

    C:\curl> set CURL_CA_BUNDLE=ca-bundle.crt

You are now ready to send REST requests to the Oracle Cloud Monitoring Service using cURL. See Use cURL.