13 Accessing an Oracle Solaris Instance Using SSH

Not Oracle Cloud at Customer This topic does not apply to Oracle Cloud at Customer.

In instances created by using any of the Oracle-provided Oracle Solaris images, a user named opc is preconfigured. The opc user is assigned the System Administrator profile and can perform basic administration tasks without entering a password by using pfexec.


  • Ensure that the SSH private key corresponding to the public key that you associated with your instance while creating it is available on the host from which you want to ssh to the instance.

  • Ensure that the instance has a public IP address. To find out the public IP address of your instance, view the information on the Instances page. See Listing Instances.

  • Ensure that a security rule exists to enable SSH access to your instance. See Creating a Security Rule.


You can use SSH to log in to your instance as the default user, opc, by using the following command:

ssh opc@ip_address —i private_key

If an error occurs, see Can’t connect to an instance using SSH.

When you’re logged in as the opc user, you can use the pfexec command to run administrative tasks.


Direct login as root is disabled. You can assume the root role by running su -. The password is solaris_opc and is marked as expired. You must change the password the first time that you assume the root role.


For instructions to add SSH-enabled users to the instance, see Tutorial icon Creating an SSH-Enabled User on an Oracle Solaris Instance.