15 Connecting to Instances in a Multitenant Site Using VPN

Not Oracle Cloud at Customer This topic does not apply to Oracle Cloud at Customer.

You can set up a VPN connection to establish a secure communication channel between your data center and your Compute Classicinstances.

You can set up VPN access to your instances by using Corente Services Gateway on a Compute Classic instance. Corente is an Oracle-provided IPsec solution. Corente Services Gateway acts as a proxy to facilitate secure access and data transfer to your instances. All VPN connections to your multitenant Compute Classic site use a Corente Services Gateway instance in the cloud.

In your data center, you can use either a supported third-party VPN device, or Corente Services Gateway installed on a host.


In Compute Classic accounts provisioned from 17.4.2 onwards, Corente VPN solutions might not be available, as these solutions are being deprecated. Use VPN as a Service (VPNaaS) instead. See Setting Up a VPN Connection Using VPNaaS.

For Compute Classic accounts provisioned prior to 17.4.2, the following table provides the relevant documentation resource for each of the Corente VPN scenarios.

To use the web console to set up or manage a VPN connection using a Corente Services Gateway in the cloud and a third-party device in your data center, see:


If you’ve subscribed to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Dedicated Compute Classic, then you can use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Networking Classic – VPN for Dedicated Compute Classic service. See Connecting to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Dedicated Compute Classic Instances Using VPN.