Integrate with Oracle Identity Governance

Register and Download the Oracle Identity Governance Agent

To enable the Oracle Identity Governance agent to connect to Oracle Access Governance, you need to enter connection details and credentials for the target system and build an agent specific to your environment.


Oracle Access Governance supports building an agent for Oracle Identity Governance Version Bundle Patch Number 11 ( or later. If your current version of Oracle Identity Governance is not compatible then contact Oracle Support, who can arrange a patch for your Oracle Identity Governance system


Applications in Oracle Identity Governance must be marked as Certifiable in order to be ingested by Oracle Access Governance. Log in to the Oracle Identity Governance Self Service application and navigate to Request Access → Request for Self → [Search for Your App] and click the information icon, and select the Certifiable flag.

  1. In a browser, navigate to the Oracle Access Governance service home page and log in as a user with the Administrator application role.
  2. On the Oracle Access Governance service home page, click on the Navigation Menu icon and select Service Administration and then Connected Systems.
  3. Select the Add a connected system button, to navigate to the Add a Connected System page and begin the configuration.
  4. On the Let's connect a system step, select the tile for OIG Connector Template to configure the agent for a target Oracle Identity Governance connected system, and then click Add.
  5. On the Enter Details step, enter the following details:
    • Name
    • Description

    Click Next.

  6. On the Configure step, enter connection details for the target system:
    • JDBC URL: JDBC URL for the target OIG database.


      To obtain the JDBC URL:
      1. Log on to the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console associated with your Oracle Identity Governance instance.
      2. Navigate to Services → Data Sources.
      3. Select oimOperationsDB from the Configurations tab.
      4. Select Connections Pool, and copy the value from the URL: field to use as the JDBC URL for Oracle Identity Governance.

      JDBC URL

    • OIG Database User Name: Database user to connect to the OIG database.


      This can be any user with read access to the OIG database.
    • Password: Password for the OIG Database User Name.
    • Confirm Password: Password for the OIG Database User Name.
    • OIG Server URL: The URL of the target OIG server.


      To obtain the OIG Server URL:
      • Log on to the Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control.
      • Navigate to the System MBean Browser and locate the XMLConfig.DiscoveryConfig MBean.
      • Copy the value of the OimExternalFrontEndURL attribute and use this as the value for the Oracle Identity Governance Server URL.

      OIG URL

    • OIG Server User Name: OIG user used for remediation and schema discovery.


      The Oracle Identity Governance Server user can be any Oracle Identity Governance user that is a member of the System Administrator administration role. This role is required to perform the remediation process, and to support schema discovery for custom attributes. In the case where only remediation support is needed then user can be a member of the OrclOAGIntegrationAdmin administration role. With this user the schema discovery operation will fail.


    Information about the Oracle Identity Governance Server (URL, Username, and Password), and Oracle Identity Governance datasource (JDBC URL, Username, and Password) is required to integrate Oracle Access Governance and Oracle Identity Governance. Oracle Access Governance will use the Oracle Identity Governance data source to load the data and the Oracle Identity Governance Server URL to perform remediation operations. In case of a connection failure, the Oracle Access Governance agent automatically retries a maximum of three times to secure a connection with the Oracle Identity Governance server.
  7. Verify the details entered are correct, and click the Add button
  8. On the Download Agent step, select the Download link and download the agent zip file to the environment in which the agent will run.

After downloading the agent, follow the instructions explained in the Agent Administration article.

You can also follow the instructions provided in the Set Up Identity Orchestration between Oracle Access Governance and Oracle Identity Governance (OIG) tutorial.