Localize Catalog Captions

As an administrator, you can localize the names of reporting objects that users create in the catalog. Object names are also known as captions. For example, you might localize the names of dashboards and analyses into Spanish and French.

See What Languages does Oracle Analytics Support?.

To localize object names in the catalog, you export the captions from the catalog, localize them, and then upload the localized captions back into the catalog.

Before you start, in the analysis editor select each column that you'd like to localize and select the Custom Headings option in the column properties (click the column menu and select Column Properties, then click Column Format).

Export Captions from the Catalog

The following procedure describes how to export text strings in the catalog.

  1. In the Classic Home page, click the user profile icon and then click Administration.
  2. In the Manage Catalog Captions area, click Export Captions.
  3. Click Browse to display the Catalog browser, select the folder that contains the files you want to localize, and then click OK.
    For example, you might select \Shared Folders\Sample Report.
  4. In the Export Captions dialog, click OK to download and save the XML file in a local area.

    For example, if you select the file \Shared Folders\Sample Report, you’ll save a file locally named _shared_Sample Report_captions.xml.

Localize Your Captions

After you have exported your captions in an XML file, deliver the XML file to the localization team. For example, if you selected the Custom folder to download, you’ll deliver a file named _shared_Custom_captions.xml.

You and the localization team are responsible for resolving any errors in the translated text strings. Consider that the contents of the catalog are updated whenever objects are added, deleted, or modified.

The first illustration shows an extract from an exported caption XML file before translation. The file is named myfoldercaptions.xml. The second illustration shows an extract from the file after translation. The file is named myfoldercaptions_fr.xml.

Upload Localized Captions to the Catalog

After you have localized your captions in the required languages, you deploy the languages by uploading the translated XML files. Use this procedure for each language.

  1. In the Classic Home page, click the user profile icon and then click Administration.
  2. In the Manage Catalog Captions area, click Import Captions.
  3. Click Browse and navigate to and select the localized XML file, then click OK.
  4. Use the Select language option to select the language to which you’ve localized, then click OK.
    Imported XML files are copied to the MsgDb folder under the selected language.
To download, review, or delete imported captions files, use the Manage Captions option.