Troubleshoot Indexing

This topic describes common problems that you might encounter when indexing data models and catalog content and explains how to solve them.

A home page search returns no results

If you search on the home page and no results are returned, then check that the Index User Folders option is selected. If this option isn't selected then nothing in the catalog is indexed.

This option is located on the Search Index page's Catalog tab.

A home page search returns too many or duplicate items

If your search results aren't meaningful, then reduce the number of items to index. For example, if a dimension called Sales is included in 20 subject areas and all subject areas are indexed, then when you search for Sales your results will contain 20 items called Sales.

Go to the Search Index page's Data Model and Catalog tabs and reduce the number of items to index. Oracle suggests that you deselect everything and then select only the items that you need.

Expected items are missing from search results

If some items are missing from your search results, then check that the crawl job completed successfully. Sometimes a crawl was terminated or its progress totals are zero. In such cases, rerun the crawl.

  1. Click Console.
  2. Click Search Index.
  3. Click Monitor Crawls.
  4. Click the Configure Crawls link.
  5. In the Data Model tab, deselect and then reselect the Enable Data Model Crawl checkbox.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click the Monitor Crawls link and locate the scheduled job. The revised crawl will run in a few minutes.