About the REST APIs

Use the REST APIs for Oracle Analytics Cloud to automate processes and programmatically access features and functionality in Oracle Analytics Cloud.

API Version

The base path of the endpoint includes the API version (for example, 20210901). Here's an example POST request to create a new snapshot:

POST https://<myOACinstance>.analytics.ocp.oraclecloud.com/api/20210901/snapshots

API Breaking Changes Policy

Oracle will provide 12 months advance notice prior to the date of removing or changing an existing API that you have deployed which would require you to update your code.


To access Oracle Analytics Cloud REST APIs, you need an OAuth 2.0 access token. See Authenticate.

Snapshot APIs

Snapshot REST endpoints enable you to manage your snapshots (BAR files) programmatically. For example, you might create a script that takes regular backups (snapshots). Or write a script that creates an Oracle Analytics Cloud instance using CreateAnalyticsInstance (an OCI REST API), registers a snapshot you've uploaded to cloud storage with your new Oracle Analytics Cloud instance using snapshots, and then restores the content of the registered snapshot in your Oracle Analytics Cloud instances using restoreSnapshot.

You must have the BI Service Administrator application role to manage snapshots using the REST API.

Some snapshot operations are asynchronous. For example, when you call restoreSnapshot a work request ID is returned. You can use this ID as a parameter to the WorkRequests endpoint to check the status of your snapshot restore 'job'.

Your snapshots are stored in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage. You need an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) API signing key that authorizes you (or another user) to access the storage bucket where your snapshots are stored. You need to pass this signing key, together with Oracle Cloud IDs (OCIDs) for the tenancy and user, as a payload in the snapshot APIs.

All REST Endpoints

You can view a list of all REST endpoints in this API.