Call a Subtemplate from an External Source

This section describes how to call a subtemplate that resides outside the catalog.


These instructions are provided for backward compatibility only. It's recommended that you place subtemplates in the catalog.

Note that localization isn't supported for subtemplates that are maintained outside the catalog.

Import a Subtemplate Outside the Catalog over HTTP or FTP

Use a standard protocol, such as http or ftp and enter the import statement as shown here.


Import Subtemplates Outside the Catalog on the Same Server

If the subtemplate is located on the server, but not in the Publisher catalog, then enter this.



template_path is the path to the subtemplate file on the server

For example:


Required Settings To Run Sub Templates Stored Outside the Catalog

To run sub templates outside the catalog you must configure the disable external references property.

Using sub templates requires the following FO processing configuration property setting for the report:

Disable external references: Must be set to False