Upload a Subtemplate

You can upload one or more sub templates for use with Publisher.

To upload a subtemplate file:

  1. On the global header click New and then click Sub Template. This launches an untitled Sub Template page.
  2. In the Templates region, click Upload.
  3. In the Upload Template File dialog, select the subtemplate file for upload.
    • Type: Select rtf for RTF subtemplate files or xsl for XSL subtemplate files.

    • Locale: Select the appropriate locale for the subtemplate file.

  4. Click Upload.

    The subtemplate file is displayed in the Templates region as the locale name that you selected (for example: English).

  5. Click Save. In the Save As dialog choose the catalog folder in which to save the Sub Template. Enter the Name and click Save.
  6. (RTF Sub Templates only) If you are uploading multiple localized files, then select the file that is to be used as the default. For more information on localization of template files, see Add Translations to an RTF Subtemplate.

    You may upload only one RTF file per locale to a Sub Template definition. If you upload additional template files to this Sub Template, each file is automatically named as the locale regardless of the name that you give the file before upload.

    Translations are not supported for XSL Sub Templates.

Note that the Sub Template object is saved with the extension ".xsb". You use the Name that you choose here with the .xsb extension when you import the Sub Template object (for example: MySubtemplate.xsb).