About Images

The image component enables you to include a graphic in the layout.

Publisher supports the following methods for including an image:

  • Static image: Upload a static image that is saved in the report file. An uploaded image file must be in one of the following graphic file formats: GIF, JPEG, PNG, or BMP. The image file cannot be larger than 500 KB.

  • Static URL: Specify a static link to a URL where an image is stored.

  • Dynamic URL: Include the image URL in an element of the data. The value of the element is evaluated at runtime enabling dynamic insertion of images.

  • Images from a Content Server: Embed dynamic images from a Content Server (UCM) in RTF and XPT templates. The administrator has to create a connection to the Content Server where the images are stored. The data model should use the Content Server as the data source.


    • XPT template supports dynamic images from a Content Server only in the repeating sections.
    • XSLX output format doesn’t support inclusion of images from a Content Server.
    • Default size for rendering images from a Content Sever (UCM) is 1MB.
To include an image in a layout:
  1. Drag and drop the image component to the layout.
  2. In the Insert an Image dialog, specify one of the following sources for the image:
    • Location: Click Browse to specify the file name and directory of the image on a local or mapped drive to upload the image.

    • URL: Enter the URL where the image is stored.

    • Field:

      Image URL: Select the field from the data that contains a URL to an image.

      Alternative Text: If the data includes a field that contains alternative text for the image, then select that field to display alternative text when the report is viewed as HTML.

    The following figure shows the Insert an Image dialog set up to retrieve an image URL dynamically from the "Image" data element. The value of the "Name" element is used as alternative text.

  3. Optionally resize the image in one of the following ways:
    • Drag the right bottom corner of the image. To preserve the aspect ratio when resizing an image, press and hold the Shift key before starting to drag the corner.

    • Modify the width and height in the Properties pane.