Process Overview for Creating and Implementing RTF Sub Templates

You must follow this process to work with RTF sub templates.

Using a sub template consists of the following steps (described in the following sections):

  1. Create the RTF file that contains the common components or processing instructions that you want to include in other templates.
  2. Create the calling or "main" layout and include the following two commands:
    • import - to import the sub template file to the main layout template.

    • call-template - to execute or render the sub template contents in the main layout.

  3. Test the template and sub template.


    You can use the Publisher Desktop Template Viewer to test the main layout plus sub template before loading them to the catalog. To do so, you must alter the import template syntax to point to the location of the sub template in the local environment. See Test Subtemplates from the Desktop.
  4. Upload the main template to the report definition and create the Sub Template object in the catalog. See Upload a Subtemplate.