Choosing an Assertion Type for Your JDBC Connection

When you register a BIJDBC application in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you specify an assertion type that best secures your connection.

Here's some guidance on choosing an assertion type using the Allowed Grant Types option on the Add Confidential Application page.

Assertion Type Use this option when: Considerations

(Recommended) Resource Owner

Your application has access to the user name and password of the end user connecting to Oracle Analytics Cloud.

You want to create a 'gateway' connection to query data from the BI Server. Gateway accounts always use one single user name and password.

We recommend using this assertion type. It's simpler to configure.


You don't have the password and you need to connect to Oracle Analytics Cloud as different users.

This assertion type is more complex to configure. It also allows you to impersonate any BI user in the system, therefore you must ensure that the keys you generate are secured appropriately.