Connect to Dropbox

You can create a connection to Dropbox and use the connection to access data.

Before you start, set up a Dropbox application. See the Dropbox documentation.
  1. Ask your Oracle Analytics administrator to allow connections to Dropbox.
    Your Oracle Analytics administrator must register the following domains as safe:
  2. On the Oracle Analytics Home page, click Create, and then click Connection.
  3. Click Dropbox to display the Create Connection dialog.
  4. Enter a Connection Name and optional Description.
  5. Copy the URL displayed in the Redirect URL field.
  6. In the Dropbox application, sign-in, and paste the Redirect URL URL into the Dropbox OAuth 2 Redirect URIs field, then click Add.
  7. In Dropbox, copy the key in the App Key field.
  8. In Oracle Analytics, paste the App Key key into the Client ID field.
  9. In Dropbox, locate the App Secret field, then click Show and copy the value.
  10. In Oracle Analytics, paste the App Secret value into the Client Secret field, then click Authorize.
  11. In the Dropbox prompt to authorize the connection, click Allow.
    The Create Connection dialog refreshes and displays the name of the Dropbox account and associated email account.
  12. Save the connection.