Frequently Asked Questions the Connector for Microsoft Power BI (Preview)

Here're some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you connect from Microsoft Power BI to Oracle Analytics Cloud .

Does the connector support Microsoft Power BI Pro or Premium (and Data Gateway)?

No. The connector supports Microsoft Power BI Desktop, but not the Pro or Premium versions.

Does the connector support live query?

No. Microsoft Power BI caches data for datasets.

Does the connector support Oracle Analytics Cloud datasets?

No. The concept of an enterprise semantic model at the scale that's commonly used in Oracle Analytics Cloud doesn't exist in Microsoft Power BI, which makes it an important point of integration between the two products.

Do Microsft Power BI and Oracle Analytics Cloud use subject areas in the same way?

No. Power BI is mostly optimized for cached data within its own store, and the integration with Oracle Analytics Cloud is based on that concept.

How does Oracle Analytics Cloud data security work with Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI applies data security at the time that data is created. Therefore, the Oracle Analytics Cloud credentials determine the result set. Any row-level security on top of that must be done within Microsoft Power BI.

Should I use Microsoft Power BI or Oracle Analytics Cloud for my visualization needs?

Oracle recommends using Oracle Analytics Cloud wherever possible. Microsoft Power BI visualization provides additional analysis capabilities if you have a fragmented visualization eco system but still want to maintain enterprise semantics. Oracle Analytics Cloud provides the best combination of powerful enterprise analysis and line-of-business agility.

How do I get support for the functionality?

Contact Oracle Support if you have issues or questions relating to this feature at: