Troubleshooting Power BI Connectivity and Performance (Preview)

Here're some tips on addressing connection and performance issues that you might encounter when you connect from Microsoft Power BI to Oracle Analytics Cloud .

Issue reported Try this
ODBC Driver Load Is Failing
Make sure that:
  • Oracle Analytics Client Tools is installed in an Oracle_Home.
  • The PATH variable includes server/bin.
  • You have a 64-Bit installation of Microsoft Power BI Desktop.
Unknown ODBC Error Download and install the latest Oracle Analytics Client Tools. See Download and Install Analytics Client Tools for Oracle Analytics.
I'm unable to see subject areas after signing-in successfully. Check that the Oracle Analytics Cloud user has the 'BIContentAuthor' role, which is required to access the subject areas in Oracle Analytics Cloud. A user with only the 'BIConsumer' role can't access subject areas from Microsoft Power BI.
I encouter data loading issues when loading tables with large volumes of data. In Microsoft Power BI on the client machine, go to Options, Data Load, and increase Maximum memory used per simultaneous evaluation (MB) value. To see how much memory your machine has available, hover over the information (i) icon next to Maximum memory used per simultaneous evaluation (MB). For example, if the value is set to the default 432, you might increase it to 4000.
I encounter an authentication error after approximately 100 seconds. Contact your Oracle Analytics Cloud administrator to adjust the Expiry Time of the Access Token for Oracle Analytics Cloud.