Find and Explore Your Content

From the Home page or Classic Home page you can easily find your analytics content, such as projects, data sets, connections, and data flows.

  1. On the Home page, use the search bar or Navigator menu to locate the content you’re interested in.
    Option Description

    Search bar

    • Type in a search term and either press ENTER to search for content or SHIFT + ENTER to visualize data.
    • Specify the full or partial name of what you're looking for. The search is case-insensitive.
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    • Click in the search bar for a drop-down list of all content types, such as project, dashboard, report, connection, or model. Click a content type to add it to the search bar. For example:
      • click Project to display visualization content
      • click Dashboard or Analysis to display reporting content
      • click Report to display pixel-perfect reporting content
      • click an option in the Data category to display connections, data sets, data flows, machine learning models, and other data-related content.
    • Enter 'type:' or 'filter:' to display a list of search tags that you can select from.
    • Paste in 'type:' or 'filter:' followed by one search term (not case-sensitive). For example:
      • Paste in type:connection to find your connections. Or, paste in type:project to find your visualization projects.
      • Paste in filter:recent to display your recently accessed content. Paste in filter:favorites to find content that you've marked as a favorite.

        You can combine the filter command with the type command. For example, paste in type:project filter:recent.

    • To refine your search, add or remove other search tags.
    • To narrow your search, add a free text search term to the search bar. For example, if you've searched on Projects, enter 'My Web Analysis' to display a project named My Web Analysis.
    • To clear your search terms, in the search bar click X or select search tags and hit delete.

    The Navigator bar enables you to quickly access your content.

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    Sort by/Grid/List Organize your content using the display options to sort or change how content is displayed.Description of display-options-home-page.png follows
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    Customize Home Page Click Page Menu, then Customize Home Page to display the Customize page.
    • To change the order of content categories (Favorites, Catalog, Data Sets and so on), click the handle next to a category (Handle icon for content categories) and drag to a new position.
    • To change how you display content, hover over a category, and click one of the display options Hidden, Tiny, Standard, or Mosaic (Display options for content).
  2. Double-click an item returned by a search to edit that item.