Send Email Reports and Track Deliveries

Send email reports to anyone inside or outside the organization or use agents to send reports to a range of other devices. Keep everyone up-to-date with regular daily or weekly reports.

Send Email Reports Once, Weekly, or Daily

Send Email reports to one or more recipients directly from the catalog. It’s easy to distribute reports this way and quicker than downloading a report and mailing it from your email client. To keep everyone up-to-date, schedule daily or weekly emails.

  1. On the Classic Home page, do one of the following:
    • Navigate to the item you want to email, click Edit, and in the Results tab, click Email.
    • Click Catalog, navigate to the item you want to email, click the More action menu, and select Email.
  2. Enter the email address for one or more recipients.
    Separate multiple email addresses with a comma. For example:,
  3. Customize the Subject line.
  4. Send the email Now or click Later to set a date and time in the future.
  5. To email report updates on a daily or weekly basis, click Repeat and then select Daily or Weekly.
You can check the status of email deliveries from the Console.

Track the Reports You Distribute By Email or Through Agents

Track the reports you’ve chosen to send to people by email from the Console. Quickly see when reports were sent and which items are pending (scheduled to run in the future). Review, change, or delete your deliveries (scheduled or completed) from the same page.

Any agents that you set up to deliver content are displayed in the Console too. This way, all your delivery information is in one place.

You can filter the deliveries by their status to track deliveries most important to you. The various status messages are explained here.

Delivery Status Description

Someone canceled the delivery.

Users can cancel any delivery that they own.

Completed Delivery ran successfully.

Users can temporarily disable any delivery or agent that they own through the catalog.

For example, you might stop a job running on its defined schedule if you want to edit the report or change who sees the report.


Delivery ran as scheduled but it didn't complete successfully.

Click Show details... after the error icon (Error icon) to find out what went wrong so you can fix it.

Not scheduled

No one has set up a schedule for the delivery or the scheduled run date is for a date in the past (rather than a future date).

Running Delivery is in progress.

Administrators can temporarily suspend deliveries that other users set up.

For example, before you migrate from a test environment to a production environment, your administrator might suspend deliveries in the test environment, and resume them in the production environment.

Timed out

Delivery timed out because it took too long to complete.

Try Again

Something went wrong. Try to run the delivery again.


Delivery ran as scheduled but it wasn't 100% successful.

For example, the delivery specifies 10 recipients but only 9 of them received it because 1 of the email addresses was incorrect.

Click Show details... after the warning icon (Warning icon) to find out more.

To track deliveries from the Console:

  1. Go to the Home Page, click Navigator, and then click Console.
  2. Click Monitor Deliveries.

    Deliveries are listed by run date, with the most recent delivery displayed first.

    Click Future Deliveries to show deliveries that are scheduled to run in the future. For example, you might schedule a delivery to run tomorrow at 9am. If you look at the Deliveries page the night before or at 8am, you'll see the delivery only when you select Future Deliveries as the delivery hasn't run yet.

  3. Filter the list of deliveries by name or status.

    To filter by name, start typing the name of the delivery you’re looking for in the search box, and then press Enter.

    To filter by status, click Filter by Status. Select one or more from Failed, Warning, Completed, Canceled, Timed Out, Try Again, Running, Disabled, Suspended, Not Scheduled, and then click Apply.

  4. Click the Actions menu for a delivery to review or manage a delivery.
  5. To preview the content, click the Actions menu for the delivery, and select View Report.
    This option isn’t available if the delivery is generated by an agent.
  6. To see details about a delivery, such as the date of last and next run, delivery frequency, history, and so on, click the Action menu for the delivery and select Inspect.
    Click History to see the date and status of the last 10 job runs. If more history is available, you can click Load More.
  7. To edit a delivery, click the Actions menu for the delivery, and select Edit.
    • Email deliveries — Update the email options.

    • Agent deliveries — Edit the agent associated with the delivery.

  8. To troubleshoot a delivery that fails or completes with a warning, click Show details....

    Error icon Failed - Click Show details... to find out what went wrong so you can fix it.

    Warning icon Warning - Click Show details... to find out more.

  9. To disable a delivery, click the Actions menu for the delivery, and select Disable.

    If you want to enable the delivery later on, click the Actions menu for the delivery, and select Enable.

  10. To delete a delivery and all future scheduled deliveries, select Delete, then OK to confirm.
  11. To delete, resume, or suspend multiple deliveries, Ctrl-click to select them and then right-click to select the action you want to perform (Delete, Resume, Suspend).

Email Security Alert

Content that you send by email isn’t encrypted. It's your responsibility to safeguard any sensitive data that you send.