Transform Data Using OCI Functions

Use an OCI function in a data flow to transform data. For example, you might use a function to convert English text into Spanish or German.

Before you start, ask your Oracle Analytics Cloud administrator to register the OCI function in Oracle Analytics Cloud.
  1. On the Home page, click Create then click Data Flow.
  2. In the Add Dataset dialog, select a dataset to transform, then click Add.
  3. Optional: In the Add Data pane, configure your data. For example, include or exclude columns, or rename columns.
  4. Click Add a step (+), then click Apply Custom Script to display the Select Custom Script dialog.
  5. Select a function then click OK to display the Apply Custom Script dialog.
  6. Use the Outputs and Parameters options and the inline guidance to configure your function.
    For example, if the function counts words in a text column, you might use Output to specify the name of the generated column that will contain the word count, and Parameters to select the name of the text column that you want to analyze.
  7. Add a Save Data step to the end of your data flow and specify the name of the output dataset or database table.
  8. Save your data flow.
    You can start processing your data immediately by clicking Run Data Flow, or later using the Data Flows panel on the Data page (on the Home page, click Navigator, then click Data). You can access the generated dataset on the Datasets panel on the Data page.