Update Custom Map Layers

You can maintain custom map layers.

  1. Open the Console page and click Maps to display the Map Layers page.
  2. In the Custom Map Layers section, right-click the map layer and click Options, then do the following:
    • To view or make changes to the map layer settings, select Inspect.

      The Map Layer dialog is displayed where you can update the Name, Description, or the Layer Keys used in this layer.

    • To upload the JSON file again, select Reload.
    • To save the JSON file locally, select Download.
    • To delete the custom map layer, select Delete.

      You can disable or enable a System Map Layer and a Custom Map Layer, but you can’t add or delete a System Map Layer.

  3. Click the map layer to enable or disable it. For example, if you want to exclude us_states_hexagon_geo on the map, click the layer to disable it and remove it from searches.
  4. To switch from using one map layer to another, do the follwoing:
    1. In the properties pane, select the Map tab to display the map properties.
    2. Click the current Map Layer for example Mexican States. This displays a list of available custom map layers that you can choose from.
    3. Click the map layer that you want to use to match your data points.