Configure Gateway Firewall Properties

Configure gateway firewall properties in the Management Portal. These properties apply to all nodes registered to a gateway.

The gateway rejects messages that exceed any of the properties you set with a 400 Bad Request HTTP response.

You can also configure a gateway node’s firewall properties in its WebLogic Administration Console. Properties that you set in a node’s WebLogic Server Administration Console apply for only that node.

Gateway Managers must be issued the Manage Gateway grant for a gateway to configure its properties.

To configure gateway properties:
  1. From the Gateways List page, click the gateway for which you want to configure firewall properties.
  2. On the SettingsSettings page, update any of the firewall properties that you want to change:
    • Maximum Message Size: Specifies the maximum size, in bytes, of the request, excluding attachments. The default value is set to 1024000. The maximum allowed value is 200MB.

    • Maximum Number of Unbounded Items: Specifies the maximum number of unbounded items that a message can contain. The default value is set to 1024.

    • Maximum Size of a Single Message Entry: Specifies the maximum size of a single message entity, such as an element, attribute or comment. The default value is 102400.

    • Maximum Nested Elements in a Message: Specifies the maximum number of nested elements allowed in a message. The default value is 1024 nested elements.

  3. Click Save.
    This image shows the Save button on the banner below the User menu.
The properties you configured are applied immediately. You don’t have to restart gateway node domains to enable them.