Manage Custom Pages in the Developer Portal

You can add custom pages to the Developer Portal. For example, you can add a landing page named Home that’s displayed when your users sign in to the Developer Portal. You can also choose to add an About page, a page on FAQs, or just any other page to meet your business needs. Oracle API Platform Cloud Service allows you to add and manage custom pages in the Developer Portal by using REST API.

A custom page consists of two parts, metadata and implementation. The metadata contains all the information the Developer Portal needs to load and embed the implementation. The implementation itself is a self-contained package that contains the code of the custom page. Using REST API, you can update the content and metadata of a custom page. You can retrieve the metadata, download the content, and delete a custom page. You can also obtain a list of all custom pages, including their metadata, published to the Developer Portal.

You must be assigned the Administrator role to manage Developer Portal custom page resources.

To add and manage custom pages, see Custom Pages in REST API for the Consumer Service in Oracle API Platform Cloud Service. You can find the custom pages REST API endpoints under Portal > Customization > Custom Pages. To refer to a sample use case for custom pages, see Use Cases in REST API for the Consumer Service.