Typical Workflow for Managing APIs with Oracle API Platform Cloud Service

To start managing APIs with Oracle API Platform Cloud Service , refer to the typical task workflow.

Task Description More Information

Create an API

Create an entry for your API in the Management Portal.

Create an API

Configure the request endpoint

Configure the endpoint to which users and applications send requests to your API.

Configure the API Request URL

Configure the service request URL

Configure the URL of the API’s backend service.

Configure the Service Request URL

Apply policies

Apply policies to secure, manage traffic, manage interfaces, route, and perform other actions before client requests are passed to your backend services.

Apply Policies

Add overview and documentation text

Describe what your APIs do and provide detailed documentation for your consumers.

Add Overview Text for an API

Document an API

Deploy your API to a gateway

Deploy an endpoint for your API to a gateway when its ready to receive requests.

Deploy or Redeploy an API Endpoint to a Gateway

Publish the API to the Developer Portal

Publish API details to the Developer Portal so application developers can discover and subscribe to it.

Publish an API to the Developer Portal