Subscribe to a Plan to Use an API

Subscribe to a plan to enable your applications to use an API.

Oracle API Platform Cloud Service manages API access and analytics through plans. For an application to access an API, the application must subscribe to a plan that provides entitlement to the API.

A plan can provide access to several APIs, and an application can subscribe to multiple plans to get access to different APIs. However, an application cannot subscribe to multiple plans that provide entitlement to the same API. For example, suppose Plan A provides access to API1, API2, and API3, whereas Plan B provides access to API1 and API4. Suppose your application has subscribed to Plan A to get access to API1. Now your application requires access to API4 as well. To access API4, your application cannot subscribe to Plan B because Plan B has a common entitlement with Plan A for API1. Your application will need to unsubscribe to Plan A and then subscribe to Plan B to get access to API1 and API4.

  1. Click the APIs tab.
  2. Click the API you want to subscribe to.
  3. Click the Plans icon on the API details page.
  4. Evaluate the plans that provide access to the API.

    The Plans page of an API lists all the plans that provide access to the API. A plan shows the name of the plan, description, rate limits for using the plan, and the number of APIs entitled by the plan. Clicking the View Plan Details link shows additional details such as names of all the APIs entitled by the plan.

  5. Click Subscribe.

    You can click the Subscribe button on the top-right corner of the page. If you are sure about the plan you want to select, you can click the Subscribe link displayed above View Plan Details on the plan.

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  6. Click the plan you want to use and click Select Plan.

    If you clicked the Subscribe link for a particular plan in the previous step, the plan’s details are already displayed.

  7. Click the application subscribing to the plan to access the API.
    When you select an application, application details appear in the right pane. To edit application details, select an application and click Edit this Application. You can choose to create a new application while subscribing to a plan. To create an application, click Create New Application. After you create an application from this page, you’re returned to the registration page and the application is selected for you.
  8. Click Subscribe.
Your application now has subscription to a plan that provides access to the API.