20 Manage Your Visual Application

You can manage your visual applications using the tools available on the Visual Applications Home page. Each row in the table on the Home page represents a version of an application. The identity domain might contain many applications, but your Home page will only display the applications that you created or those where you are included as a team member.

To manage your application's lifecycle, look for the Application Options menu:
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The following table describes the options you might see in the menu:
Menu Item Description

Opens the development version of the application


Creates a clone of this version of the application, including the content of the database.


Opens a dialog box where you can change the name of the application.


Creates a ZIP archive of the application that can be imported as a new application. When exporting the application, you can choose if you want the exported archive to include the data stored in your business objects.


Opens a dialog that you can use to create an application by uploading an application archive (ZIP or OVB) from your local system.

New Version

Creates a new version of the same application. By default the new version is a development version. Version numbers are automatically increased incrementally.


Opens an editor for configuring the application’s settings and viewing the application API URLs. Each application version has a dedicated Settings editor.


Opens a dialog box where you can specify the database option for the staged application. When an application is staged, a link to the staged version is displayed in the tile.


Opens a dialog box where you can specify the database option and publish the staged version of your application.

Lock / Unlock

Enables you to lock a live application to prevent any users from using the application. You would usually use this command when you are going to update the live application with a newer version. The Unlock option is displayed only when the live application is locked.


Rolls back the live version to the previous live version. This is only available for the current live version.

Move to trash

Deletes the application from the identity domain. You have 30 days to recover the application after deleting it.