Explore the Application Administration Page

The Administration page of an application lets you to apply service and runtime updates, view and download application logs, and view and download Java Flight Recorder recordings for Java applications.

The following table describes key information that you’ll see on the application Administration page.

Element Description

Timestamp and Counts

The Administration tab in the left pane displays the following information:

  • Count of runtime updates available

  • Timestamp of most recent logs or recordings

  • Count of logs for all application instances

  • Count of recordings for all application instances


To apply updates to Oracle Application Container Cloud Service or to the Java SE, Java EE, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, or .NET runtime environments, click the Updates tab.

To apply an update, click the Update button.

To activate a runtime update immediately, you must restart the application. On the page, click Restart. Select Rolling Restart or Concurrent Restart, then click Restart.

To view the update history, expand the Update and Rollback History.

Applications running on older runtime versions continue to run unchanged. New applications must use the latest supported runtime versions.


To download application logs, click the Logs tab. A new log is generated every three minutes.

To retrieve additional application logs, click Logs, select Get More, and select an application instance.

Time range options for logs already retrieved are Last hour (the default), Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Last month, and Custom Period.

Expand the logs list and click a log file name to download it.

To view the log history, expand Log Capture History.


To download Java Flight Recorder recordings of JVM instances, click the Recordings tab.

To generate a recording of profile and event information for the running application, click the Get Recording button, and select an application instance or All (the default) for all instances.

Time range options for recordings already retrieved are Last hour (the default), Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Last month, and Custom Period.

To download the recording file, expand the recordings list and click the file name. You can analyze the recording with Java Mission Control.

To view the recordings history, expand Recordings History.