View Service Metrics for an Application

The Monitoring graph displays either percent memory usage or absolute memory for an Oracle Application Container Cloud Service application.

  1. Access the Monitoring graph in one of the following ways:
    • On the Applications page, from the Menu Menu icon, select View Service Metrics.
    • On the Application Console, the Menu Menu icon, select View Service Metrics.
    • On the Application Overview page, click Average Memory Usage.
    The Monitoring graph is displayed.
  2. On the Monitoring graph, select one of the following graph types:
    • Memory Usage (default) — The percentage of the total allocated memory that's used.
    • Memory— The actual amount of consumed memory.
    The graph displays either memory usage or memory data.
  3. In the Instance selection field, select one of the following:
    • web.1 or worker.1 instance (default)
    • Another instance
    • All
    A graph of data for your selected instance or for all instances is displayed. The graph provides a snapshot of up to 24 hours of data in 5-minute intervals. If you selected All, then each application instance has its own data points.
  4. To return to the Application Overview page, click the name of the application.

You can refresh graph data by clicking Refresh Refresh icon on the upper right corner of the graph. The graph fetches the data only the first time that you enter the page or when you refresh the page. If you exit the page and then access it again, then previous graph data is displayed. You must click Refresh to see new data.