Explore the Applications Page

On the Applications page, you can create an application and you can see all of the created applications.

The following table describes all the elements that you'll see on the Applications page.

Element Description


See all the applications that are running in the identity domain.

To refresh the list, click the Refresh icon. The date and time of the last refresh is displayed.


To filter the list, enter an application name. Enclose each tag in single quotation marks.

You can search using tag expressions.

Create Application

To deploy an application, click Create Application.

Java SE, Java EE, Node, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, or .NET

See the version of the runtime environment used by the deployed application.

application name

Click to open the Application Console and view the details of the application.


See the version of the deployed application.


See the runtime version.


See the tags assigned to the application instance. The first tag is displayed. To see all tags assigned to the service instance, hover over the tag name.

Last Deployed On

See the date-time stamp of the most recent deployment.

Created On

See the date-time stamp of when this application was created.


View the memory allotted to each instance.


View the number of instances of the application.


To connect to your deployed application, click the URL.

A Type: worker label in place of a URL indicates a worker application. See Preparing a Worker Application for Deployment in Developing for Oracle Application Container Cloud Service.


Click Menu to perform these actions:

  • Open Application: Starts the application using the URL provided in the application list.

  • View Service Metrics: Opens the Monitoring graph, which displays memory usage or memory data. See View Service Metrics for an Application.

  • Start: Starts any instances that aren't running.

  • Stop: Stops all instances of the application.

  • Restart: Restarts all instances of the application.

  • Delete: Stops all instances of the application, and deletes the application and its associated files.

Application creation and deletion history

Expand to view all applications that have been created or deleted during the time period that you select.

To see system messages about the action that occurred, click Details.