About Your Application and Oracle Application Container Cloud Service

Oracle Application Container Cloud Service lets you deploy Java SE, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, and .NET Core applications to Oracle Cloud. You can also deploy Java EE web applications.

Subscribing to Oracle Application Container Cloud Service makes all languages available when you deploy your application.

Each application instance you deploy to Oracle Application Container Cloud Service runs in its own Docker container. A container is like a very lightweight virtual machine. Your application runs in its own isolated execution space, with its own memory, file system, and network access. Access to these operating system resources takes place without the cost of having to implement an entire virtual operating system.

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You can use these key features of Oracle Application Container Cloud Service:

  • An open, Docker based, ployglot, cloud native application development platform.

  • A preconfigured environment for Java SE, Java EE, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, and .NET Core applications.

    • Support for Java Virtual Machine (JVM) based languages such as JRuby. Any language that uses the JVM can run on this service.

    • Java SE advanced features such as Java Flight Recorder, Java Mission Control, advanced memory management, and ongoing and timely security updates.

  • Create, manage your applications using Web-based user interface, REST API, and PSM CLI.

  • Bind you applications to the Oracle PaaS services like Oracle Database Cloud Service, Oracle MySQL Cloud Service, Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service, etc. 

  • Secure your applications using Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

  • Cluster your applications to communicate privately, process background jobs with worker applications and enable caching for your services.

  • You can incorporate DevOps, Continuos Integration, and Continuos Deployment (CI/CD) for your applications with Oracle Developer Cloud Service or continue using your existing CI/CD tools.

  • Easy to use runtime upgrade and monitoring capabilities.

  • Enterprise-grade technical support from Oracle.

In addition, Oracle Application Container Cloud Service is fully integrated with other Oracle Cloud services.

A subscription to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic is included and must be activated before you can deploy applications to Oracle Application Container Cloud Service.