Prerequisites for Configuring an Allowlist

When creating your allowlist, you must include all applications that require access to your instance.


These tasks are required for Oracle Integration and aren't relevant for File Server.

1. Get the Outbound IP Addresses for Applications That Are Event Sources

You must add all event sources, such as Oracle Fusion Applications ERP events, to the allowlist. To do so, you must get the outbound IP address of the applications. Contact the application providers to get the IP addresses.

2. Get the Public IP Addresses for Oracle SaaS Applications That Make HTTPS Calls to Oracle Integration

Oracle SaaS applications can make HTTPS calls to Oracle Integration depending on the design of the integration. Go to the About menu in Oracle Integration to get the public IP address of your SaaS instance to add to the allowlist in Oracle Integration. See Obtain the Inbound and Outbound IP Addresses of the Oracle Integration Instance.

Some examples:

  • Integrations using SaaS adapter connections for trigger and callbacks
  • When the connectivity agent is used with an adapter that does polling, such as for database polling and invoking
  • When the connectivity agent is used to communicate with Oracle Integration

For a list of external IP addresses by data center that you can add to your allowlist for web service calls initiated by Oracle Cloud Applications, see the support note ID 1903739.1: IP Whitelist for Web Service Calls Initiated by Oracle Cloud Applications .