Troubleshoot Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notification Email Configuration to Ensure Proper Delivery

Follow these recommendations to correctly configure and use the default from address and suppression list. These recommendations help you to avoid email delivery issues.

Default From Address

  • Don't use as the from address.
  • Don't use the oracle domain.
  • Change the default from address from to

    The region attribute is provided by Oracle Integration.

  • Change the from address in your integrations from to

    The region attribute is provided by Oracle Integration.

Suppression List

  • Add To addresses to the suppression list for a number of reasons:
    • As of now, the recipient address when a hard bounce occurs (emails go undelivered for permanent reasons), when a soft bounce occurs (emails go undelivered for temporary reasons), and when a large number of emails are received are some of the reasons to add the To address to the suppression list.
  • If DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) are not configured for the from address domain, the likelihood of having a bounce or messages being silently dropped by the receiving infrastructure is higher.
  • You can remove email addresses from the suppression list. See Remove Email Addresses from the Suppression List in Using Integrations in Oracle Integration 3.