The DBMS_DCAT package provides functions and procedures to help Autonomous Database users leverage the data discovery and centralized metadata management system of OCI Data Catalog.

Data Catalog harvests metadata from a data lake's object storage assets. The harvesting process creates logical entities, which can be thought of as tables with columns and associated data types. DBMS_DCAT procedures and functions connect Autonomous Database to Data Catalog and then synchronize the assets with the database, creating protected schemas and external tables. You can then query object store using those external tables, easily joining external data with data stored in Autonomous Database. This dramatically simplifies the management process; there is a single, centrally managed metadata store that is shared across multiple OCI services (including Autonomous Databases). There are also Autonomous Database dictionary views that allow you to inspect the contents of Data Catalog using SQL, and show you how these Data Catalog entities map to your Autonomous Database schemas and tables.