About Backup and Recovery on Autonomous Database

Autonomous Database automatically backs up your database for you. The retention period for backups is 60 days. You can restore and recover your database to any point-in-time in this retention period.

Manual Backups

You do not have to do any manual backups for your database as Autonomous Database backs up your database automatically. You can do manual backups using the cloud console; for example if you want to take a backup before a major change to make restore and recovery faster. The manual backups are put in your Cloud Object Storage bucket. When you initiate a point-in-time recovery Autonomous Database decides which backup to use for faster recovery.


You can initiate recovery for your database using the cloud console. Autonomous Database automatically restores and recovers your database to the point-in-time you specify.

Listing Backups

The list of backups available for recovery is shown on the Autonomous Database details page under Backups. Click Backups under Resources to show the backups.

Backup Note - Files on Object Store

For external tables, partitioned external tables, and the external partitions of hybrid partitioned tables a backup does not include the external files that reside on Object Store. Thus, for operations where you use a backup to restore your database, such as Restore or Clone from a backup, it is your responsibility to backup, and restore if necessary, the external files associated with external tables, external partitioned tables, or the external files for a hybrid partitioned table.

See Restore and Recover your Autonomous Database for information on Restore.

See Clone Autonomous Database from a Backup for information on Clone from a backup.