Private Endpoints Notes

Describes restrictions and notes for private endpoints on Autonomous Database.

  • After you update the network access to use a private endpoint, or after the provisioning or cloning completes where you configure a private endpoint, you can view the network configuration on the Autonomous Database Details page under the Network section.

    The Network section shows the following information for a private endpoint:

    • Access Type: Specifies the access type for the Autonomous Database configuration. Private endpoint configurations show the access type: Virtual Cloud Network.
    • Virtual Cloud Network: This includes a link for the VCN associated with the private endpoint.
    • Subnet: This includes a link for the subnet associated with the private endpoint.
    • Private IP: Shows the private IP for the private endpoint configuration.
    • Network Security Groups: This field includes links to the NSG(s) configured with the private endpoint.
  • After provisioning or cloning completes, you can change the Autonomous Database configuration to use a public endpoint.

    See Change from Private to Public Endpoints with Autonomous Database for information on changing to a public endpoint.

  • You can specify up to five NSGs to control access to your Autonomous Database.

  • You can change the private endpoint Network Security Group (NSG) for the Autonomous Database.

    To change the NSG for a private endpoint, do the following:

    1. On the Autonomous Databases page select an Autonomous Database from the links under the Display Name column.

    2. On the Autonomous Database Details page, under Network in the Network Security Groups field, click Edit.

  • You can connect your Oracle Analytics Cloud instance to your Autonomous Database that has a private endpoint using the Data Gateway like you do for an on-premises database. See Configure and Register Data Gateway for Data Visualization for more information.

  • The following Autonomous Database tools are supported in databases configured with a private endpoint:

    • Database Actions
    • Oracle APEX
    • Oracle Graph Studio
    • Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks
    • Oracle REST Data Services
    • Oracle Database API for MongoDB

    Additional configuration is required to access these Autonomous Database tools from on-premises environments. See Example: Connecting from Your Data Center to Autonomous Database to learn more.

    Accessing Oracle APEX, Database Actions, Oracle Graph Studio, or Oracle REST Data Services using a private endpoint from on-premises environments without completing the additional private endpoint configuration shows the error:

    404 Not Found
  • After you update the network access to use a private endpoint, the URL for the Database Tools is different compared to using a public endpoint. You can find the updated URLs on the console, after changing from a public endpoint to a private endpoint.

  • In addition to the default Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) preconfigured with Autonomous Database, you can configure an alternative ORDS deployment that provides more configuration options and that can be used with private endpoints. See About Customer Managed Oracle REST Data Services on Autonomous Database to learn about an alternative ORDS deployment that can be used with private endpoints.