View and Manage Scheduled Maintenance of an Autonomous Container Database

You view and manage scheduled maintenance of an Autonomous Container Database from its Details page.

Required IAM Policies

use autonomous-container-databases


  1. Go to the Details page of the desired Autonomous Container Database.

    For instructions, see View Details of an Autonomous Container Database.

  2. Click the View link in the Next maintenance field.

    The Autonomous Container Database Maintenance page lists any upcoming planned maintenance.

    For more information about the details displayed in the Autonomous Container Database Maintenance page, see Scheduled Maintenance Details.

  3. For each maintenance event listed in the Autonomous Container Database Maintenance page, you can perform the management operations listed in Management Operations on a Scheduled Maintenance, provided that the event is not already in progress.

    When you reschedule an Autonomous Container Database maintenance event that is already scheduled, Oracle may place it in a queue if its Exadata Infrastructure resource or Autonomous Exadata VM Cluster resource is:
    • Already undergoing a maintenance update, or
    • Scheduled for a maintenance activity simultaneously as the Autonomous Container Database.
    For more information about automatic queuing of maintenance events, see Automatic Queuing of Maintenance Events.