Schedule a Quarterly Maintenance Update

You can schedule an on-demand maintenance to update RU (Release Update) along with the time-zone file or just the time-zone file for an Autonomous Container Database (ACD).


For on-demand maintenance updates with a time-zone file update, the standby ACD will be patched 3 days before the primary ACD in autonomous data guard enabled ACDs.

Required IAM Policies

use autonomous-container-databases


  1. Go to the Details page of the Autonomous Container Database for which you want to schedule a maintenance update.
  2. Under More actions, click the Schedule maintenance button.
  3. Choose the following on the Schedule maintenance dialog that appears.
    Setting Description Notes
    Configure update type

    Release Update (RU): Click this tile to schedule a release update (RU) along with time-zone file update. This tile is disabled if your ACD is already patched to the latest RU.

    Time-zone file update: Click this tile to schedule time-zone file update only.

    Time-zone files can only be updated in a non-rolling configuration method that involves full system downtime.

    Configure maintenance method

    The Rolling method updates the ACD, one node at a time, with no downtime for theAutonomous Databases.

    The Non-rolling method shuts down and updates the ACD in parallel across all nodes. This method minimizes maintenance time but it requires full downtime for the ACD and all associated Autonomous Databases.

    Enable time-zone update

    Optionally, you can also select Enable time-zone update. Time-zone files can only be updated using the non-rolling configuration method.

    If you configure your maintenance to the rolling method and enable time-zone update, all the RUs that include a time-zone update are applied in the non-rolling method only. Only those RUs without a time-zone update are applied in the rolling method.

    Schedule start time

    Using the calendar tool, choose a date and time for the maintenance update.

  4. Click Schedule maintenance.


The maintenance settings selected from the Schedule maintenance dialog apply to the maintenance update scheduled from this dialog only. These changes do not apply to the maintenance preferences defined at the ACD level.