View Backup Information and Backups on Autonomous Database

You can view backup information and view the available backups on Autonomous Database.

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console shows information about backups. To view general backup information, view the Backup area on the Autonomous Database details page. Depending on your compute model, the Backup area includes the following information:

  • Automatic backup retention period:

  • Total backup storage: Shows the total storage being billed, including for automatic backups and if there are long-term backups, this also includes the long term backup storage.

  • Last automatic backup: Shows the timestamp of the last automatic backup.

  • Next long-term backup: When you configure scheduled long-term backups, this shows the timestamp for the next long-term backup.

  • Long-term backup schedule: Shows the long-term backup schedule, with links to edit or delete a long-term backup schedule.

To list completed backups:

  1. On the Autonomous Databases page select your Autonomous Database from the links under the Display Name column.
  2. On the Autonomous Database Details page, under Resources, click Backups.

This shows the list of backups for the Autonomous Database instance.

If you click more actions at the end of a row for a backup in the Backups list, this shows the actions you can perform.