Replicate Data

Describes using Oracle GoldenGate to replicate data between an Autonomous Database instance and to any target database or platform that Oracle GoldenGate supports.

Use Oracle GoldenGate to Replicate Data to Autonomous Database

You can replicate data to Autonomous Database using Oracle GoldenGate.

Oracle GoldenGate Capture for Oracle Autonomous Database supports the following:

  • Replication for different use cases: Report Offloading, Active-Active, Cloud to Cloud, and Cloud to on-premise.
  • Inter-region and cross-region replication: Replicate data between different Oracle Cloud data centers around the world.
  • Replicate between targets: Replicate from an Autonomous Database to any target database or platform that Oracle GoldenGate supports, including to other Oracle Autonomous Database environments.

The following are not available for Always Free Autonomous Databases:

  • Supplemental logging

  • Oracle GoldenGate Extract

See Supplemental Logging for more information.

See Configure Replicat to Apply to Autonomous Databases for more information.