Refresh a Refreshable Clone on Autonomous Database

Shows you the steps to refresh a refreshable clone from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.

Perform the following prerequisite steps as necessary:

  • Open the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console by clicking the navigation icon next to Oracle Cloud.

  • From the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure left navigation menu click Oracle Database and then, depending on your workload click one of: Autonomous Data Warehouse, Autonomous JSON Database, or Autonomous Transaction Processing.
  • On the Autonomous Databases page select your Autonomous Database from the links under the Display Name column.

You can refresh a refreshable clone as follows:

  1. On the Details page, in the Clone Information area, in the Clone source field, click the Refresh link.

    This shows the Refresh Clone dialog.

  2. In the Refresh Clone dialog, specify the Refresh point timestamp.

    The refresh point specifies the timestamp for the source database data to which the refreshable clone data is refreshed.

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    The timestamp can be a minimum of 1 minute in the past and a maximum of 7 days in the past. The timestamp must be later than, that is after, the last refresh point. Thus, if you create a refreshable clone, then you would need to wait some time before you refresh the clone.

  3. Click Refresh Clone.

On the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console the Lifecycle State shows Updating until the refresh operation completes. While the database is updating connections and queries wait until the refresh completes.

You can see the status of the refresh operation under Work Requests.

On the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, under Clone Information the Refresh Point shows the timestamp of the source database's data that the clone was refreshed to.


Refreshable clones have a one week refresh age limit. If you do not perform a refresh within a week, then the refreshable clone will not be refreshable. The refresh by date is shown in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console banner. In the case where a refreshable clone is not refreshable, you can disconnect the database from the source to make it a read/write (standard) database. See Disconnect a Refreshable Clone from the Source Database for more information.