Use Oracle Spatial with Autonomous Database

Oracle Spatial Database is included in Autonomous Database, allowing developers and analysts to get started easily with location intelligence analytics and mapping services.

About Oracle Spatial with Autonomous Database

Oracle Spatial allows developers and analysts to use spatial analysis in every application from basic spatial search and analysis to advanced geospatial applications and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Organizations can manage different types of geospatial data, perform hundreds of spatial analytic operations, and use interactive map visualization tools with the spatial features in Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Database.

The spatial features provide a schema and functions that facilitate the storage, retrieval, update, and query of collections of spatial features in Autonomous Database. Spatial consists of the following:

  • A schema (MDSYS) that prescribes the storage, syntax, and semantics of supported geometric data types

  • A spatial indexing mechanism

  • Operators, functions, and procedures for performing area-of-interest queries, spatial join queries, and other spatial analysis operations

  • Utility functions and procedures for validating, loading, extracting, and working with spatial data

  • GeoRaster, a feature that lets you store, index, query, analyze, and deliver GeoRaster data, that is, raster image and gridded data and its associated metadata

  • Features for geocoding address data and for reverse geocoding longitude/latitude data to a street address:


    SDO_GCDR.ELOC_GEOCODE and SDO_GCDR.ELOC_GEOCODE_AS_GEOM functions are only available on Autonomous Database.

See the following for more information:

Oracle Spatial Limitations with Autonomous Database

Autonomous Database includes Oracle Spatial, with some limitations.

You can use the Oracle spatial features with Autonomous Database, with the following limitations: