Stop a DB System

DB system nodes are stopped individually. For multi-node RAC DB systems, you may need to act on only one node (as in the case of proactively rebooting a node with scheduled maintenance).

  1. Open the navigation menu. Select Oracle Database, then select Oracle Base Database.
  2. Choose your Compartment. A list of DB systems is displayed.
  3. In the list of DB systems, find the DB system you want to stop, and then click its name to display details about it.
  4. In the list of nodes, click the Actions menu for a node.
  5. Click Stop.

    It shuts down the node. After the node is powered off, the Start action is enabled.


  • Stopping a node stops billing for all OCPUs associated with that node. Billing resumes if you restart the node.

  • After you restart or reboot a node, the floating IP address might take several minutes to be updated and display in the Console.