Terminate a DB System

Terminating a DB system permanently deletes it and any databases running on it.

Consider the following factors while terminating a DB system.

  • The database data is local to the DB system and will be lost when the system is terminated. Oracle recommends that you back up any data in the DB system prior to terminating it.
  • Terminating a DB system removes all automatic incremental backups of all databases in the DB system from the Recovery Service and Object Storage. Full backups remain in the Recovery Service and Object Storage as standalone backups which you can use to create a new DB system. For information on creating a new DB system from a backup, see Create a DB System from a Backup Using the Console.
  • If your DB system has Data Guard enabled, you must terminate the standby DB system before terminating the primary DB system. If you try to terminate a primary DB system that has a standby, the terminate operation will not complete. For more information on Data Guard, see Use Oracle Data Guard on a DB System.


Perform the following steps to terminate a DB system.

  1. Open the navigation menu. Select Oracle Database, then select Oracle Base Database.
  2. Choose your Compartment. A list of DB systems is displayed.
  3. For the DB system you want to terminate, click the Actions menu and then click Terminate.
  4. Confirm when prompted.

    The database system's icon indicates Terminating.

After this point, you cannot connect to the system and any open connections will be terminated.