About Network Access

Not Oracle Cloud Infrastructure This topic does not apply to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Access rules are used to provide secure network access to service components. Access rules control which ports can be accessed on the VMs that are part of a cluster.

By default, network access to Oracle Big Data Cloud is provided by using SSH. The SSH connection uses the SSH key specified when the cluster was created. By default, port 22 is used for SSH connections.

When a cluster is created, the following access rules are created by default:

  • ora_p2bdcsce_ssh: Controls SSH access to a cluster. Disabled by default.

  • ora_p2bdcsce_nginx: Enables access to the web-based cluster console and REST APIs. Enabled by default.

  • ora_p2bdcsce_ambari: Enables access to the Ambari console and REST APIs. Disabled by default.

To enable access to a port, you enable the appropriate rule. System rules cannot be modified.

When you enable one of the predefined rules, the given port on the cluster is opened to the public internet. To enable access to a different port, or to restrict access to a port, you must create an access rule. See Enable Access Rules and Create Access Rules.