Organize Notes

You can organize notes into folders by specifying paths.

To organize notes:
  1. Open the cluster console for the desired cluster. See Access the Big Data Cloud Console.
  2. Click Notebook.

    The Notebook page is displayed, listing any notes created for this notebook.

  3. Click the Table View icon icon to get into table view. You have the same features and capabilities for notes in table view as you do in the flat list view. Table view just gives you a way to organize your notes.
  4. Perform the desired action:
    • To create a new folder and note at the same time: Click New Note and enter /NoteDirectory/NoteName in the Note Name field. For example, entering /Demo/Note1, creates a Demo folder that contains the new Note1.

    • To move a note: Click the note name in the list on the Notebook page to get into edit mode, then click the note title and change it to the desired path. For example, if you want to move Note1 from the Demo folder to the Test folder, change the title from Demo/Note1 to Test/Note1. If you want to create a new folder and move Note1 into it, change the title to /NewDirectory/Note1.