Changing the Column Name

Change the name of a transform column. When you create the transform, the columns are automatically renamed. In some cases, it isn’t possible to find a name for the column. In other cases, you might have a better name than the one suggested. When necessary, rename the column manually.

To change the column name:
  1. On the main authoring page, identify the transform column whose name you want to change.
  2. In the Column cell, click the More Actions More Actions icon.
    A drop-down list appears.
  3. Select Rename.
    The Rename dialog box appears.
  4. Enter a new name for this column.
  5. Click Apply.
The transform script now contains an action to rename the selected column. The data table shows the new name for this column.
To quickly rename a column, click the column name, enter the new name, and press Enter or Tab to apply changes.