Merging Columns

Merge multiple columns in your transform, use a delimiter in your merge, assign a new name to the resulting column, and add a prefix or suffix to the contents of the column.

To merge columns:
  1. On the main authoring page, click the Merge Columns Merge Columns icon.
    The Column Merge dialog appears.
  2. From the Available Columns list, select the columns that you want to merge.
    You must select at least two columns to perform a merge.
    Select multiple columns by pressing the Ctrl key as you select the columns.
  3. Click the Push Selected Push Selected icon.
    To use all the available columns, click the Push All Push All icon.
    The selected columns appear in the Selected Columns list.
  4. In the Merge Column Name field, enter a name for the new column that contains your merged data. This field is required.
  5. In the Merge Delimiter field, assign a delimiter to place between data values in your merged data. The default delimiter is <SPACE>. This field is required.
  6. Optionally, assign a prefix or suffix for your merged data by entering it in the Prefix or Suffix fields.
  7. Click Apply.
The transform displays a new merge column with the name that you assigned to it and the contents from the available columns that you selected for the merge.