7 Build Chaincodes with Low-Code Blockchain App Builder

Blockchain App Builder for Oracle Blockchain Platform is a tool set that assists with rapid development, testing, debugging, and deployment of chaincode on Oracle Blockchain Platform networks, comprising cloud BaaS nodes on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or on-premises nodes using Enterprise Edition.

A smart contract (also known as a chaincode) defines the different states of a business object between two or more parties and business logic that validates and implements changes as the object moves between these different states. At the heart of every blockchain application is one or more chaincodes. A chaincode must be bug-free and tested before it is deployed.

You can use Blockchain App Builder to generate complex chaincodes in TypeScript (for Node.js chaincode) and Go (for Golang chaincode) from a simple specification file. With the specification file you can specify multiple asset definitions and behaviors. You can then generate and test your chaincodes either on your local system by using a preconfigured instance of Hyperledger Fabric inside Blockchain App Builder, or by connecting to your Oracle Blockchain Platform network.


Although JavaScript isn't supported by Blockchain App Builder, because TypeScript projects are compiled to JavaScript, you can add basic JavaScript to a TypeScript project if needed.

Blockchain App Builder supports the full development life cycle either from a command-line interface or as an extension for Visual Studio Code.

To get the Blockchain App Builder tools and samples, in the console open the Developer Tools tab and select the Blockchain App Builder pane. From here you can download the command-line interface tools or the Visual Studio Code extension. Additionally, there are samples - Fabcar, Marbles, Fiat Money Token, Loyalty Token, NFT Art Collection Marketplace, and Fractional NFT in Real Estate - which can be used to see how the tools work or as a template for your own chaincode projects.