Create a Coherence Cluster in a Public Subnet

Use Oracle Coherence Cloud to create a stack that includes a basic Oracle Coherence cluster, one or more Coherence server compute instances, and network resources.

Launch a Stack

Sign in to Marketplace and specify initial stack information.

  1. Sign in to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.
  2. Click the navigation menu and select Marketplace.
  3. Select the Coherence Cloud Edition application from the list of available applications.
  4. On the selected application page, the version is set to which is the default version.
  5. Select the compartment in which to create the stack.
  6. Select the Terms and Restrictions check box, and then click Launch Stack. The Create Stack wizard is displayed.

Specify Stack Information

Specify the name, description, and tags for the stack.

  1. On the Stack Information page of the Create Stack wizard, enter a name for your stack.
  2. Optionally, enter the description and specify one or more tags for your stack.
  3. Click Next. The Configure Variables page is displayed.

Configure Coherence Cluster Parameters

Specify the parameters needed to configure the Coherence cluster.

  1. In the Coherence Cluster section, enter the resource name prefix. This prefix is used by all the created resources.
  2. Select the Coherence shape for the compute instances.
  3. Enter the SSH public key.
  4. Select the availability domain where you want to create the Coherence compute instances.
  5. Select the number of Coherence compute instances.

Configure Coherence Network Parameters

Define the Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) and subnet cofiguration for the cluster. This cluster instance attaches to a public subnet.

  1. In the Coherence Network section of the Configure Variables page, select a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) strategy:
    • Select Create New VCN, and then enter a name and CIDR for the new VCN.
    • Select Use Existing VCN, and then select the name of the existing VCN.
  2. Select one of the following subnet strategies:
    • Create New Subnet
    • Use Existing Subnet


      If you are creating a new VCN, you cannot use an existing subnet. You can only create a new subnet.
  3. Keep the default Use Public Subnet selection.
  4. Select the subnet span:
    • Regional Subnet. This subnet has resources in a region's multiple availability domains, and is not specific to any one availability domain.
    • AD Specific Subnet. The subnet is defined in one particular availability domain.
  5. For the Coherence subnet, specify one of the following:
    • If you want to use an existing regional subnet, then choose the name of a regional subnet from the list of existing subnets.
    • If you want to use an existing availability domain-specific subnet, then choose the name of an availability domain-specific subnet from the list existing subnets.
    • If you are creating a new regional or availability domain-specific subnet, then specify a CIDR for the new subnet.

Create the Stack and Instantiate the Cluster

After you have specified the Coherence cluster variables and network parameters, create the stack.

On the Review page of the Create Stack wizard, review the information you have provided, and click Create. This creates a plan that you can use to build the Coherence Cluster.

On the Stack Details page, click the Terraform Actions drop-down menu and select Apply. This instantiates the Coherence cluster. The Job Details page in Resource Manager is displayed. Periodically monitor the progress of the Apply job until it is finished.

Access and Manage Your New Cluster

After creating a stack with Oracle Coherence Cloud, access and manage your new cluster by using Secure Shell (SSH) client software to establish a secure connection.

After creating your cluster:

  • View and manage the cloud resources that were created to support your cluster. See View the Cloud Resources for a Cluster.
  • Access your cluster.
    1. Sign in to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.
    2. From the navigation menu, click Compute, then click Instances.
    3. From the Compartment drop-down, select the compartment in which your cluster is created.
    4. Click the name of the cluster instance that you want to access, and copy the public IP address value of that instance.
    5. From your computer, open an SSH tunnel to an unused port as the opc user. Provide the path to the private key that corresponds to the public key that you specified when you created the Coherence stack. The SSH command format is:
      ssh -i path_to_private_key opc@public_ip
      For example:
      ssh -i ~/.ssh/xperiment_rsa opc@

      The list of running cluster instances is displayed.