About Oracle Coherence Cloud

Oracle Coherence Cloud offers the capabilities of Oracle Coherence in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment.

Oracle Coherence Cloud is available as an application in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Marketplace. After launching the application, you can use a simple wizard interface to configure and provision your Coherence environment along with cache servers and supporting cloud resources.

After creating an Oracle Coherence stack, you can initialize a Coherence cluster and deploy applications to it just like on-premises cluster. You can also administer the Coherence servers on the compute instances using a secure shell (SSH) client and standard Linux tools.

Oracle Coherence Cloud supports Bring Your Own License (BYOL) that enables you to use your existing on-premise Oracle Coherence license in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle Coherence Cloud supports these Oracle Coherence releases:

  • Oracle Coherence 12c (
  • Oracle Coherence 12c (