Before You Begin with Oracle Coherence Cloud

Before you set up your Coherence environment with Oracle Coherence Cloud, you must complete the prerequisite tasks.

Understand the Architecture of Oracle Coherence Cloud

Learn about the components that comprise the Oracle Coherence Cloud environment.

Oracle Coherence Cloud leverages the following Oracle Cloud Infrastructure components to provision cloud instances and networks that support your Oracle Coherence Cloud environment. Ensure that you have access to these Oracle Cloud Infrastructure components and services in order to use Oracle Coherence Cloud.
  • Marketplace: Oracle Coherence Cloud is accessed as an application in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Marketplace. When you launch an Oracle Coherence Cloud application from Marketplace, it prompts you for some basic information, and then directs you to Resource Manager to complete the configuration of your Oracle Coherence Cloud stack and supporting cloud resources.

    See Overview of Marketplace in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation.

  • Resource Manager: You can track and monitor the progress of an Oracle Coherence Cloud stack using the Resource Manager in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. A stack also provides a convenient method of deleting the cloud resources for a cluster when you no longer require them. A Resource Manager stack in Oracle Coherence Cloud comprises of a compute instance for Coherence servers in the cluster, a bastion compute instance that provides access to a cluster in a private subnet, and a virtual cloud network (VCN), including subnets, route tables, and security lists.

    See Overview of Resource Manager in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation.

  • Compute: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure lets you provision compute instances as needed to meet your application requirements. The Coherence servers that make up the Oracle Coherence Cloud cluster run on one or more compute instances. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers both bare metal and virtual machine instances. Based on your application requirement, you can select an appropriate instance type.

    See Overview of the Compute Service and Regions and Availability Domains in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation.

  • Virtual Cloud Network: Oracle Coherence Cloud assigns compute instances to specific subnets in a virtual cloud network (VCN).

    A VCN in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure covers a single, contiguous CIDR block of your choice. A subnet is a subdivision of a VCN that consists of a contiguous range of IP addresses that do not overlap with other subnets in the VCN. A VCN includes one or more subnets, route tables, security lists, gateways, and DHCP options. By default subnets span an entire region in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Alternatively, you can create subnets that are specific to one availability domain (AD) in a region.

    Oracle Coherence Cloud can create a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) and subnet in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for a new Oracle Coherence Cloud instance, or you can create your own VCN before creating an instance.

    See VCNs and Subnets in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation.

Create a Compartment

All the compute instances, networks, and any supporting cloud resources for the new Oracle Coherence Cloud cluster are created within a single compartment.

You can create compartments in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for your Oracle Coherence Cloud resources, or use existing compartments. The type of access to specific Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources in a compartment is controlled through policies. The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure user must have management access in order to use Marketplace applications, Resource Manager stacks and jobs, and create specific resources for an Oracle Coherence Cloud cluster.

See Managing Compartments and Common Policies in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation.

Create an SSH Key

You must create a secure shell (SSH) key pair to access the compute instances in your Oracle Coherence Cloud cluster.

A key pair consists of a public key and a corresponding private key. When you create a cluster using Oracle Coherence Cloud, you specify the public key. You then access the compute instances from an SSH client using the private key. See Creating a Key Pair in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation.