Configure Assets Settings

  1. After you sign in to the Oracle Content and Experience web application as an administrator, click System in the Administration area of the navigation menu.

  2. In the System menu, click Assets.
  3. Configure the Maximum number of custom renditions per asset. The default is 20.
  4. Configure the Maximum video file size (in MB). The default is 200 megabytes.
  5. Configure the Default asset caching age to control the amount of time a public asset is cached on the content delivery network (CDN) before a request is made to the server for new content. The default is 15 minutes.

    The default cache time balances the need for fresh content with the performance benefits of caching. Decreasing cache time ensures that new content is made available to customers faster, but it minimizes any performance benefits that caching may provide. If you work with largely static content, you can increase the cache time, improving delivery performance.

    This setting doesn't impact assets published in secure channels. Those assets won't be cached to avoid private content from being stored on CDNs or client devices.

    Alternatively, you can use the “&cb=xxx URL parameter to make individual assets cacheable. Replace xxx with a random number to create a unique 15-day cache window. Responses to this request parameter include a Cache-Control header with the max-age value of 15 days. If you need to refresh the content before the cache window expires, include a new random number with new requests.

    You can manually purge the CDN cache to remove files or force an immediate update.